An Intelligent Smart Water Infrastructure Using Internet of Things

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Nidhi Mishra, Sanjay Mohite


Water is a necessary component of all living organisms. Many research are being conducted to enhance water management and drinking water quality. This research paper is on the management of drinking water and the measuring of its quality. An intelligent water system is critical in determining the answer to numerous difficulties such as water shortage, water quality criteria such as pH, and the presence of chlorine in water. Cancer cases are on the rise as a result of chlorine exposure, among other things. High energy costs associated with water delivery, the influence of climate change on water shortages, and growing demand as a consequence of improved lifestyle standards are all difficulties that the government faces on a daily basis. As a result, a more appropriate method of maximising water resources is required. In this study, two sensor nodes are employed to determine water quality. Each node will gather data on the water quality characteristics of the water resource as well as the flow rate of the water. Each sensor node is made up of three sensors. 1)pH 2) Temperature  3) The ORP sensor. The pH sensor will detect the concentration of H+ ions and OH-.The chlorine concentration will be measured by an ORP sensor. Finally we can observe all data on Thing speak.

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