Effect of Adding Different Levels of Lemongrass Powder to Diets on the Productive Performance of Broilers Chicken

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Husam Samir Nema, Huda qasimalhimdany


This study was conducted at the University of Baghdad / College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, with the aim of showing the effect of adding lemongrass leaf powder (Cymbopogoncitratus) and vitamin C to broiler diets at different levels on the productive traits of broilers. This experiment was conducted in the poultry field (Abu Ghraib) / Department of Animal Production / Agricultural Engineering Sciences/ for a period from 10/15/2021 to 11/26/2021 for a period of (42 days). In the study, 240 unsexed commercial hybrid (Ross 308) chicks of one day age were used, they were randomly assigned to 6 treatments and 4 replicates for each treatment (10 chicks/duplicate). The experimental treatments were as follows:Control treatment T1 (feed without supplement), treatment T2 (add lemongrass 2 g/kg feed), T3 (add lemongrass 4g/kg feed), T4 (add lemongrass 6g/kg feed), treatment T5 (add lemongrass lemongrass 8g/kg feed),Treatment T6 (add vitamin C 0.5 g/kg feed). If we note that there are no differences between the addition treatments compared to the control treatment during the experiment period in the productive traits, then we note that there are no significant differences between all the addition treatments compared to the control treatment despite the presence of arithmetic differences between them.

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