Ultra-ripe, combining high quality and quantity of fiber cotton variety surkhan-103 species g.barbadense l.

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Ravshanov A`zam Erkinovich, Avtonomov Viktor Aleksandravich, Kurbonov Abrorjon Yorkinovich


This article briefly describes the extreme soil and climatic conditions of the south of Uzbekistan, in particular the Surkhandarya region, including during the formation and accumulation of the raw cotton crop, namely high daytime temperatures of 500C or more, which are accompanied by prolonged hot winds (3-5 days) and a shortage of irrigation water.

Below are the results of selection and seed research aimed at removing the entered in the state register from 2020 according to Order No. 41 of December 27, 2019. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resistant to the above-mentioned factors of the Surkhan-103 cotton variety, which has a high yield and yield rates of raw cotton. At the same time, the Surkhan-103 variety combines high precocity in relation to the Termez-31 standard minus 7 days, has a high fiber yield of +3.1%, and also has high fiber quality at the level of the best Egyptian varieties, the staple fiber length of the variety is 2.3-3.3 mm longer, the linear density is 2-7 m/tex., less. The specific breaking load is 4.4 g/tex higher.

Based on the analysis of the results of the conducted studies, the authors draw the following conclusions:

- due to the fact that the cotton variety Surkhan-103 included in the state register has a high resistance to some abiotic environmental factors, as well as a high complex of basic economically valuable characteristics, it should be rapidly propagated and introduced not only in the conditions of Surkhandarya, but also in Kashkadarya, Bukhara and Navoi regions;

- in order for the Surkhan-103 variety to fully demonstrate its potential for productivity and the rate of return of the entire crop of raw cotton, it is necessary to use the recommended elements of agrotechnology.

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