Analysis of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH), Cortisol and Muscle Enzymes in Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain (LBP) Undergoing Treatment Exercises.

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Humayun Imran Azeemi, Sarah Sughra Asghar, Basit Ansari, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Syed Riaz Mahmood, Raheela Rahmat Zohra, Fawad Hafeez Qazi


Lower back Pain related physical and physiological stress is known to cause hormonal and metabolic disorders, with characteristic attributes and poor health outcomes. Present study described effects of prescribed exercise in patients with LBP on hormones ACTH and cortisol and muscle-metabolic enzymes creatine Kinase, aldolase and lactate dehydrogenase to assess and correlate the effecting inference. Control group of fifteen individuals and another group of twenty LBP patients were subjected to same forms of exercise regiments and calisthenic exercises. Blood was collected, 15 minutes before exercise and 15 minutes and 60 minutes after completion of exercise for analysis mentioned parameters using standard methods. Data revealed normalizing activity of hypothalamus and pituitary in control group, manifested either lowering of parametric concentrations (ACTH) or slow elevation (Cortisol, LDH). In comparison, patients with LBP exhibited significantly higher concentrations of ACTH although noted to be declining after 60 min, but still remaining at significant high level, suggesting aggravated or continual agitated hypothalamus and pituitary axis. Similarly, Cortisol, CPK, Aldolase and LDH levels were also noted to be at significantly higher levels in these patients, suggesting slower recovery from exercise exertion in LBP patients and agitated adrenals.

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