Relationship of the Mutation (G14523A) In the Leptin Gene on the Milk Production and Its Components in Goats

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Yaseen N. ALsarray, Wasan J. M. Al-Khazraji, Ali N. Abdullah


This study was undertaken at the Ruminant's Research Station, Office of Agricultural Research / Ministry of Agriculture- Iraq to detect Leptin gene polymorphism in Local and Shami goats, as well as to establish if SNPs could be associated with some productive traits such as total milk traits and its components. one important single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found in the studying fragment (1058 bp) by using DNA sequencing technique in exon 3, three genotypes identified wild GG, hetero GA and mutant AA in local goats, whereas noticed absence of wild genotype in Shami goats . Results proposed a significant differences among distribution of genotypes percentage in Local goats, while there were highly differences between genotypes percentages in Shami goats. Results established a significant relationship between polymorphisms of G14523A SNPs and most studying traits in local and Shami goats. Results showed a significant effect of SNPs on daily milk and total milk yield and lactation period in Local goats, where mutant AA genotypes of SNP exceeded (p<0.01) in daily milk yield (DMY) and lactation period and (p<0.05) in total milk yield (TMY) other genotypes, also individuals with  mutant genotypes of SNP distinguished (p<0.01)  in all milk traits in shami goats. Also, results demonstrated a significant effect in fat (p<0.05) and SNF (p<0.01) percentages in Local goats, while in Shami goats there was significant relationship (p<0.05) between polymorphisms and SNF. Key words: leptin, polymorphisms, SNP, TMY, DMY.

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