Development of Apple Body Bioecology (Hyponomeuta Malinella), Meeting Level in Mountainous Territories, Natural Additions and Their Competitions

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I. R. Saidov., O. T. Usvaliev., R. A. Muminov.


In the article, we have studied the impact of apple moth bioecology, weather and other natural factors on their lives by collecting several years of field data. As a result of our observations of apple mothThe development of apple orchards in the orchards of Tashkent region has been studied for several years. In our study, the entomophagous nature of the apple moth was studied and they were divided into wild and parisite species.In conclusion, we were able to partially study the developmental dynamics of apple moth and the influence of abiotic and biotic factors. As a result of our research, we have accumulated phenological observations over the years, but we have become convinced that their numbers can be managed without the use of chemical methods through the cultivation of ecologically clean products and reliable recommendations, after identifying wild and parasitic species. Analyzing the experiments we conducted, there were discussions on the part of colleagues, and it would be a great light upon light if it was further polished. It is time for the next generation to think deeply about the issue of preserving Mother Nature as much as possible.

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