Review on Nanorobotics and its Medical Application

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R. Margret Chandira, Praveenkumar .A, Devisowndarya .N, Lokeshwaran .S, P. Palanisamy


Nanotechnology can extrude the planet. Nanotechnology, in step with the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), is the take a look at all debris with a diameter of much less than one hundred nanometers. The ratio of floor atoms or molecules to general quantity increases, that's one of the maximum vital benefits of lowering particle size. This implies they've quite a few floor areas, which reasons a boom in-floor pastime and modifications of their bodily and organic characteristics. Nanotechnology packages withinside the pharmaceutical enterprise talk to drugs with nano-sized lively components. They are extensively utilized to deal with HIV, cancer, and different diseases; they can regenerate lacking tissue on the mobile level, making them treasured for disorder monitoring, diagnosis, and remedy. Drugs can also additionally now be located in formerly inaccessible regions of the frame way to smaller drug shipping systems. they may be additionally essential withinside the remedy and detection of ailments like cancer. Target remedy, a brand new step forward withinside the realm of medicine administration, complement diagnostic checking out and scientific equipment

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