Micropellet Quality and Processing Efficiency Improvisation - A Review of Critical Steps

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R. Margret Chandira, Palanisamy .P, Pasupathi .C, Ajith Kannan .R, Dhanavel Venkatachalapathi .V


            The plastic powder can be replaced with micro pellets. The popularity of controlled release technology in the delivery of medicine is the most important reason responsible for the spread of pelletized goods. The use of micropelletsfor subcutaneous and intramuscular delivery, which has significant promise as depot formulations employing biodegradable polymers, is a more promising area of use. Pelletization procedures refer to a variety of processes that do not generate pellets. Extrusion is the process of applying pressure to a wet material until it passes through the calibrated apertures of an extruder's screen or dies plate and is formed into little extrudate segments. The creation of spherical particles from tiny rods produced by extrusion is known as spheronisation. The "troubleshooting" technique is to examine the most critical aspects that impact pellet quality and manufacturing efficiency, which are practically equivalent owing to the granulation procedures. This method produces almost flawless spherical particles with a limited particle size distribution and excellent flow characteristics.

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