Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Dentists towards Aerosol Management in Covid-19 Pandemic Scenario

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Prasanna Guru .E, Abdul Wahab P.U, Kathiravan Selvarasu, Melvin George .A


Background: Dentists are one of the most vulnerable profession groups against COVID-19 because of the inability to take definitive preventive measures during the performing of aerosol-generating procedures and the disease threatens the health of the dental health care workers and patients as well as the community. Dentists should have information about the disease in order to protect their own and patient’s health.

Aim:To access Knowledge,Attitude,Practice towards aerosol management in Covid –19 pandemic scenario among dental professionals.

Material and Methods: The survey was conducted through online google forms, which sent to all dentist.The questionnaire comprised of 14 questions,sent to 200 dental professionals.Depending on their responses towards these questions ,pie charts were drawn with percentages.

Conclusion: The response of most of the dentists regarding theaerosol management was positive.Few dentists reported being unaware of some clinical–patient management procedure,though the procedures were listed in the MOH guidelines.

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