Leader-Subordinate Relationship Quality and Attitudes: an Inquisitive Study Across Service Organizations

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Dr. Owais Ahmed,


Services being highly dynamic in nature, apart from being real time, depend on quality workforce, the most. Quality delivery by quality employees is a blend of quality relationships between superiors and subordinates, among employees. Interpersonal relationship, an emerging asset and quintessence in itself, responsible for better productivity, motivation, cohesiveness, coherence, and delight, all outcomes of quality relationships. Quality relationship between superiors and subordinates, although, a bit researched construct in several sectors, but least or no attention is being paid as far as integrated services are concerned. The present study would be the first that would throw some light on quality relationships among superiors and subordinates in services. The present work would focus on relationship quality among leaders and members. Further, influence on job outcomes, would be part of the study as well. Also, study offers valuable insights for managers, practioners, academicians, and scholars for deepening their understanding of social exchange theory or LMX theory by exploring new insights from new markets.

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