New Varieties and Primary Seeding Results of Planted Crops for Planting in Lalmikor Land

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Mamatkulov Tursunkul, Karshibaev Hasan Kholbazarovich, Juraev Mamatkul Abdurahmanovich, Gaybullaev Saydalim, Usarov Zoxid Igamovich, Khaydarov Bekmurod Dusiyarovich


In order to scientifically organize the primary breeding of new varieties of barley "Adir", "Yakut-2014", "Istiqlol-6" of soft wheat from new varieties of cereals intended for sowing on arable lands in the first year to study the offspring in the experimental nursery 1000 As a result of research, 617 generations of barley variety "Adir", 500 varieties of durum wheat "Yakut-2014" and 500 varieties of soft wheat "Istiqlol-6" were selected. In the second year, 500 seedlings of each variety were planted on 5 m2 plots and 102 kg of barley “Adir”, 240 kg of hard wheat “Yoqut-2014” and 240 kg of soft wheat “Istiqlol-6”. 465 kg of seed grains were collected from the cultivar. In the first year in the breeding area of ​​barley variety «Adir» 1050 kg, 750 kg of hard wheat "Yoqut-2014", 2660 kg of soft wheat "Istiqlol-6", high-generation seed grain, as well as the results of research on the timing of sowing of these varieties on arable land, sowing standards, care.

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