A Review on the Recognition of Environmental Costs

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Mustafa Erten


The introduction segment highlights environmental costs as an obligation as well as the requirement for the companies and firms to understand their responsibility towards the resources they are exploiting. Technology usage has increased in the last few years. Technology has a serious impact on the environment and must be given due concentration towards its deployment. The methodology section of the study highlights the methods adopted by the different researchers in conduction of the studies on the review and brief analysis of modelling and forecasting techniques, blockchain and IPFS integration, smart farming via hiring equipment, software company’s attrition. The results have included several estimations and measurements to get the perfect conclusion at the end. There was time-series data and other aspects used in these segments. This research has covered statistical methods that can get a better result at the end. The correlation and regression analysis also has been covered in this research to understand the core concept of this research. The conclusion of the current study focuses on the need for advanced technology and its impact on the environmental aspects. It also provides recommendations to ensure the proper alignment of the technology with the environment and ecosystem.

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