Ultra-High Diluted Homoeopathic medicines for Agriculture: A narrative review

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Dr. Katravatu Nanaku Naik, Dr. Chetan H Shinde, Dr. Kratika, Dr. Avinash R. Mhetre


Background: Ultra-high diluted homoeopathic medicines can be used for agriculture and farming for good yielding of products, healthy growth of plants, for water retention of soil and as pesticidal remedies.

Objectives: The objective of this review is to evaluate the importance of ultra-high diluted Homoeopathic medicines in agriculture for good crop production.

Methods: This review summarises the articles showing the efficacy of homoeopathy in agriculture and discussed the basic principles of homoeopathy. Kinds of literature were searched in web databases, PubMed, ResearchGate and Scopus with the following keywords- Agrohomoeopathy, agriculture, crops, ultra-high dilution.

Results: From the various literature search it is showing that ultra-high diluted homoeopathic medicines are prepared according to homoeopathic principles, for better crop production by reducing the usage of fertilizers.  

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