Characterization of Human Coronary Artery Tissue and Aortic Tissue Using Micro Raman Spectroscopy

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Abhinav Nair, Dr Shobha Malviya, Dr S Venketesh, Dr Sai Muthukumar


Over the past decade, the use of Raman Spectroscopy as a tool for Biochemical analysis in Disease Biology is being recognized as a promising means of diagnosis amidst biological researchers as well as clinical laboratories. With an excitation wavelength across a wide range of visible and near-infrared wavelengths, the combination of Raman Spectroscopy along with Microscopy has proved to be a very powerful tool in imaging biological samples. This is a first in its kind study, as the arterial tissues from coronary arteries and the Aorta of live patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases from the Indian Subcontinent are studied using Raman Spectroscopy as opposed to the post mortem sample studies that are generally performed.

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