Optical Properties of Natural Dye Sensitizers for the Applications of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

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S. Ranjitha, M.K.Valsakumari, A.Vasantharaj, Dr Rajeev Shrivastava, S. Swaminathan, N. Yuvaraj, Anand Bisen, M.Anusuya


Converting solar energy into electricity is generally regarded as the most prospective method to solve the global energy crisis, owing to its huge reserves and pollution-free character. The commercially available solar cells are currently based on inorganic silicon semiconductors. Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have received widespread attention in recent years because of their high solar-to-electric conversion efficiencies and low costs. The performance of the cell mainly depends on a dye used as photo-sensitizer. The absorption spectrum of the dye and the anchorage of the dye to the surface of TiO2 are important parameters determining the efficiency of the cell. In this paper many natural dyes are extracted and their optical properties were discussed. From that analysis the best natural dye pigment was identified and suggested to use as photo sensitizer in DSSC.

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