Intra-alveolar local versus systemic NSAIDs for postoperative pain management in patients undergoing 3rd molar surgery– a novel comparative study

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Dr.Killampalli Y V Satyanarayana , Dr.Madhulaxmi, Dr.Melvin George, Dr.Sabari Nathan Rajamoorthy, Dr.P.V.Lakshmi Prasanna


Aim: To compare the efficacy of intra alveolar ketorolac dispersion form with zerodol sp oral route in post-surgical pain management of patients undergoing 3rd molar surgery.

Material and methods: A total of 20 patients enrolled in the trial with impacted mandibular third molars, after taking their informed consent. Patients were randomly selected and divided into 2 groups. In group 1 (n=10), the ketorolac 10mg tablet was dispersed in saline packed into a surgical extraction socket with a saturated gelatin sponge dressing and sutured. In group 2 (n=10), the extraction socket was packed with Abgel and sutured. Postoperatively, both groups were asked to wait until the onset of pain and then start taking the analgesic as prescribed (aceclofenac+serrotopeptidase+paracetamol). The intensity of the patient’s pain levels was assessed preoperatively, postoperatively 1st, 6th hour & 24hour using a visual analog pain scale. Time at which the first rescue analgesia was consumed and the number of analgesics in 24hrs were also recorded. Other parameters were mouth opening and duration of surgery.

Results: The reduction of immediate postoperative pain was statistically significant (P≤.005) in group 1 when compared to group 2. No difference was determined between groups in mouth opening and duration of surgery.

Conclusion: The results of this study showed that ketorol DT can produce immediate analgesic action in post-extraction sockets after surgical removal of impacted teeth thereby ensuring a comfortable postoperative recovery.

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