Running title: Comparing the Efficacy of Amcrylate as a Tissue Adhesive with Sutures for Surgical Wound Closure following Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Removal

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Dr. Sabari Nathan Rajamoorthy, Prof. Dr. Hemavathy, Dr. Vinod Krishna, Dr. Killampalli Yashwanth Varaha Satyanarayana


Aim: The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of amycrylate as a tissue adhesive versus traditional sutures in surgical wound closure of impacted third molars after removal.

Materials and Methods: 30 individuals with bi-lateral mesio-angular impacted mandibular molars were chosen for study. Extraction of right side was done and closed with silk suture. Extraction of left side was done and closed with amycrylate.

Results: Statistically significant reduction of post-operative swelling and pain noted. No significant change in post-operative bleeding.

Conclusion: Amycrylate is a good alternative to traditional suturing. Post-operative pain and swelling and significantly reduced, however no difference in post-operative bleeding was noted. Further studies are required to fortify these findings.

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