Assessing the Awareness of the Discovery of the Tubarial Gland and its Implications in Dentistry amongst Dentists and Dental Students in India: An Online Survey

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Dr. Sabari Nathan Rajamoorthy, Prof. Dr. Hemavathy, Dr. Vinod Krishna, Dr. Killampalli Yashwanth Varaha Satyanarayana


Aim: This study investigated knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding the recent discovery of the Tubarial Gland, and its implications in Dentistry amongst dentists and dental students in India

Materials and Methods: An online survey was conducted consisting of 20 closed-ended questions using Google Forms and circulated among dental professionals in all parts India. The survey consisted of questions regarding participants’ recognition of and attitudes toward new discoveries namely the Tubarial Gland, their opinions on information accessibility, and their perceptions regarding the future implications.

Results: Of the 1238 participating dentists, 80% were aware of its discovery and 54% claimed have superficial knowledge. (87%) are aware that the name was given due to its relation with the anatomical location of the torus tubarius. 60% believed the field of radiology will benefit from this discovery. Only 8% individuals were convinced that the discovery would not affect their work directly.

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