application of smartphone technology to monitor the flap viability in microvascular surgery-a systematic review

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Dr.Vedha vivigdha, Dr. Senthil Murugan P, Dr. Santhosh Kumar, Dr. Kathiravan, Dr.Vedha vivigdha



The treatment of oral cancer is surgical resection followed by  reconstruction with flap.

Free flap surgery involves the transfer of a patient's own tissue from a donor site to a recipient site, which is typically the site of a defect.The success of cancer surgery depends on viability of the  flap. The flap has to be monitored carefully for any changes especially during the first 3 postoperative days. There are various methods for monitoring free flaps: physical examination like prick test ,monitoring capillary refill time, skin texture , temperature monitoring, and external Doppler .

Use of Smartphones in medicine has increased significantly due to advancements in mobile telecommunication ,internet usage, as well as it is economical . This compact portable gadget has a lot of promise because of its capability to do instant messaging, photography, videography, word processing, sketching, and internet connection.This systematic review is about use of mobile phone applications operating on the Android mobile platform to demonstrate its effectiveness in monitoring tissue perfusion .

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