Analysis of mandibular foramen location using CBCT in patients of different age groups

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Srinidhi Kasthurirengan, Senthil Murugan Pandurangan, Mahathi Narella, Dinesh Prabu M


AIM: The aim of the study is to analyze the mandibular foramen location using CBCT in patients of different age groups.

MATERIALS & METHODS -This is a retrospective study which was conducted on CBCT scans of patients who visited Saveetha Dental College, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology. A total of 200 CBCTs were analyzed in this study. Four points were used for the analysis which are distances measured, the shortest distance to the anterior border of the ramus, posterior border of the ramus and the inferior point in the mandible and superior border of the ramus.

RESULTS - The mean distance from MF to anterior border of mandible was 15.29 ± 2.60 mm and to the posterior border was 11.13 ± 2.44 mm, where the mean distance to the superior border was 16.70 ± 3.75 mm and to the inferior border was 24.75 ± 4.62 mm. The mean value for the MF height and MF width was 6.8 ± 1.8 mm and 5.9 ± 1.4 mm respectively. Between age groups only height, width and occlusal plane distances are found to be significantly different.

CONCLUSION- Within the limitations of this study ,This study represents that CBCT provides reliable information about the anatomy of the mandibular foramen. As age increases, the distance between the mandibular foramen to the anterior border and posterior border of the ramus is reduced

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