Correlation Between Hypothyroidism and Vitamin D Deficiency and Calcium Level with Bmi Among Young Iraqi Female {20-35}

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Bushra A. Jassam, Russell A. Abo-Altemen


Lack of vitamin D is currently perceived as a pandemic and when vitamin D level is low, the retention of calcium in the digestion tracts turns out to be less. Weight list is utilized to assess an individual's risk of weight-related medical condition such as Hypothyroidism which is a result from low degrees of thyroid hormone. One hundred female practicing, half of them with a thyroid problem, the other is represented a control value. Serum obtained from all blood collected sample to use by immunological test and hormonal assay.   All result was statistically significant with control. The lack of serum vit D and calcium levels for all female were fundamentally connected with degree and seriousness of the hypothyroidism which energize the suitability of vitamin D supplementation.).

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