Common Diseases of Tomatoes and Measures to Control them

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D. М. Zuparova, М. М. Ablazova, М. А. Zuparov


The article presents the results of research on the study of fusariumoxysporum f. lycopersiciand Alternariasolaniin tomato seeds, which are the main vegetable crop in the country and  theuse of fungicides against these diseases.Fusarium and Alternaria were found to be common diseases of tomatoes on the farms where the study was carried out.

Fusarium and Alternariadiseases of tomato have been reported to affect not only seed yield of tomato but also quality in seed-growing fields.

Pre-sowing treatment of the seeds of tomatoes with the fungicide Selest TOP 312 FS sus.c. at a consumption rate of 8 ml / kg against Fusarium of tomato and the application of fungicide Bandjo Forte sus.c. at a rate of 1.0l / ha against the disease Alternaria by spraying at the growing period of plant were found to give good results.

Consequently, the timely application of fungicides against Fusarium and Alternaria diseases not only slows the spread and development of the disease, but also preserves the tomato seed yield from the damage.

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