Avoidance of Zooplankton Entrainment in a Mega Power Plant Cooling Water System by an Eco-Friendly Method

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S. Ganesh, A. M. Retna, P. S. Murthy, G. S. Wesley, T. Subba Rao


This paper describes the efficiency of fish protection facility (FPF) an inbuilt unit of cooling water system (CWS) of a nuclear power plant. It was envisaged that the FPF reduces the entrainment of zooplankton   by diverting significant population, before the seawater enters   the    main conduits and pipelines. The study estimated the zooplankton abundance (for two years) and compared the diversity at various sampling stations viz., seawater intake at seaward end, FPF station, the forebay unit and outfall region of the power plant CWS.  Furthermore, the zooplankton abundance on a seasonal basis was also recorded.

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