The Efficiency of House Classification of Mental Attitude in Classifying Parents’ Mentality in Pediatric Dentistry

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Ivan Obadiah, EMG Subramanian


Background: It is mandatory for a pediatric dentist to create a good relationship with the parents and establish a smooth communication before and during the treatment of their children. Hence, understanding the mentality of the parents and classifying them according to their behaviour and response will be helpful for rendering an uneventful dental care. 

Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of House classification of mental attitude in classifying parent’s mentality in Pediatric dentistry.

Methodology: A convenience sample size of parent-children pairs were selected as participants. Analysis of the mental attitude of the parents was carried out from the very first instant the parent-child pair walked in the dental office. The parents were classified into the four categories of mental attitude given by House (philosophical, exacting, hysterical and indifferent).

Result: 47% of the parents were classified under class I House classification (Philosophical). 23% of the parents were classified under class II (Exacting). Class III (Hysterical) and Class IV (Indifferent) were completely unobservable among the selected participants.

Conclusion: House classification of the mental attitude of completely edentulous patients could not be efficiently used in categorizing parent’s mental attitude in pediatric dentistry.

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