To Compare the Efficiency of Dexamethasone with Bupivacaine vs Bupivacaine in Third Molar Surgery

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Dr. Jayaindhraeswaran .J, Dr. Senthil Nathan P, Dr. Arun M



To assess the effectiveness of dexamethasone with bupivacaine vs bupivacaine in third molar surgery in post operative pain management.

Method and material:

The study was conducted with the sample of 40 patient mandibular third molar through surgical removal method.They subjects were divided into two equal Groups: Group 1 to whom dexamethasone with bupivacaine was given and Group 2 to whom Bupivacaine alone was given. The post operative pain, swelling, trismus noted on 1st, 3rd, 7th days.


The administration of dexamethasone with local anaesthesia increase the duration of anaesthesia time period and reduce the post operative difficulties such as pain, swelling, trismus.


The effectiveness of dexamethasone with bupivacaine is much better in intraoperative and postoperative when compared with the local anaesthesia alone.

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