Molecular and Clinical Characterization of Y chromosome Microdeletions in Iraqi Infertile Men

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Hiba Adnan Aziz Abu Omaima, Harun Çiftçi, Mohammed Abdulwahab Ati Al-Askeri


Y chromosome microdeletions were implicated in men infertility. In our study investigate the AZFa regions microdeletions and level of testosterone in infertility male . total number of 50 sample patient have collected ,from patient with infertility problem ,  out of them tested subject 1 (2%)  was azoospermic no sperm account . 7 (14%) were oligozoospermia with sperm count less than 15 million sperm in  mole while normal sperm count were 42 (84%) . Mean Average of sperm motility of infertility patient show highly average in (Grade D) immobility counted 43.38 when compared to different type of Grad , fallow by active motility (Grade A) that recorded 28.94 while slow motility (Grade B ) and very slow Grade C showed to be lowest average  15.56  , 12.74  respectively . AZF a type of different region chromosome microdeletion observed highly frequency distribution 38 (86.3%) , 5 (11.3%) , 1 (1.5%) in normal counted sperm motility , oligoazoospermia , non obstructiveazoospermia respectively the highly distribution microdeletion recorded in type and AZFa 326 NO =44(88%) , , AZFa 390 NO =35(70%) Azoospermia patients not detected any pattern of microdeletion while in the sever oligoazoospermia patients noted the equal  evidence of microdeletion in the  type of (AZFa 326 , AZFa 275 ,  ) and not detected type of region deletion of ( AZFa220 , AZFa 390,  ) Case of Oligoazoospermia show increase distribution of AZFa 326  , while pattern of deletion of  AZFa 275 , AZFa 390 , show less distribution .

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