Screening Umbilical Cord Blood for Congenital Iron Deficiency in Neonates Product by Cesarean Section

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Ali Hadi Mahdi, Zaher Ghanem Ewadh, Mohammad Abdul Hamza, Marwa Fadhil Alsaffar



  Assess the iron status in neonates born by cesarean section and the effect of maternal characteristic and other laboratory measures on neonatal iron levels.

Study design:

  We included 50 neonates and measured serum ferritin and other laboratory parameters from neonatal umbilical cord blood, in addition to other that had been recorded for both neonates and their mothers.


  From 50 neonates, 8 had low serum ferritin levels and 4 of these 8 had anemia, and 6 of them were born to mothers from rural areas. The average maternal age on neonates with low serum ferritin was significantly higher than those with normal or high serum ferritin.


  Anemia is significantly associated with low serum ferritin neonates, also maternal age and residence significantly effect on neonatal serum ferritin.

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