Diagnosis and Treatment of Mediastinitis after Odontogenic Neck Phlegmon

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Okhunov Alisher Oripovich, Boboev Kakhramon Xaydaralievich


Despite the availability of modern methods of examination and early surgical treatment, acute odontogenic purulent mediastinitis remains a life-threatening disease with high mortality. We examined 40 patients with acute purulent mediastinitis after odontogenic phlegmon of the neck. An anamnesis of the development of the disease is necessary for the correct diagnosis. The correct diagnosis is confirmed by the clinical signs and symptoms of acute suppurative mediastinitis, and computed tomography plays a critical role in assessing the spread of acute mediastinitis. Surgical interventions were performed, characterized by the usefulness of necrectomy. Early diagnosis and aggressive surgical procedure are one of the most important factors in treatment. In this case, vacuum flushing therapy is more appropriate when inflow drainage is supplemented by wound drainage.

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