A critical investigation to classify the scope of intellectual property rights in homoeopathic system of medicine and its pharmaco-socio-economico-political repercussions: A legislative appraisal of traditional knowledge of homoeopathy

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Dr. Anjum Jamil Pathan, Dr. Manisha Prashant Gajendragadkar, Adv.Ganesh Hingmire, Adv.Abdul Karim Khan Pathan, Adv. Guruprasad Joshi


Background: Intellectual Property rights is the protection of human creation of mind like ideas, literary, artistic work names, symbols invention based on public willingness and get the profit from it. Owner has the right to license or cell their IP under IP laws, rules and regulation. There are several types of IP like Patent, copyright, Trademark, trade secret, Design act. IPR is present in worldwide and it is protected according to their country rules and regulation. It helps in enhancing the economic growth and development of respective country. Before patenting on international level, patent officer cross check in Traditional Knowledge Digital Library to prevent piracy of patents. As in India the registration of Patent of homeopathy in India is very low as comparative to other countries. So, need to enhance the research work, include role of IPR in education. TKDL is the part of protection of traditional knowledge in India.

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