Development of new methods of synthesis of Imidazole in last two decades: A Review

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Anila Mishra, Zeeshan Fatima, Akash Ved, Sajal Srivastava, Ravi Kant Kushwaha


Over the past few years, various heterocyclic compounds have been prepared, one of which is the Imidazole nucleus. Imidazole is a class of heterocyclic compounds which have shown interesting biological and as well as physiochemical properties.

We searched numerous search engines such as Pub Med, Web of Science, Sci-Hub and the institutional library for studying the different strategies for the synthesis of Imidazole derivatives. Findings from some studies have been summarized.

In this review article we have shared various methods as well as the traditional and modern approaches for the synthesis of Imidazole derivatives including green synthesis, single-pot reaction, microwave-aided reaction, solvent free reaction, ultrasound promoted synthesis,and synthesis under catalyst or a without catalyst. The most of the traditional methods of synthesis there is no requirement of high energy, pressure or toxic substances

This review sums up the diverse strategy for the synthesis of the imidazole derivatives

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