Prospective Clinical Study on Enamel Color Following Fixed Orthodontic Therapy - A Advanced Spectrophotometric Analysis

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Dr. Ashfaq Yaqoob, Dr. Ibrahim Shahrani, Dr. Mohsen Abdul Qadir, Dr. Abdullah Kamraan, Dr. Shobhit Singh Tomar, Dr. Rafi Ahmad Togoo, Dr. Lalima Kumari, Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi


Purpose: To assess the color alterations of natural teeth associated with comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Method: Sixty consecutive patients were selected for the study and thirty out of these were treated with fixed appliances bonded with a light-cured resin and other 30 who don’t need FOT patients with similar age and gender were control group. The spectrophotometric data of a standardized labial circular area of all anterior teeth were recorded before bracket bonding and after debonding and cleaning procedures. The color parameters of the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage—L*, a*, and b* (lightness, red/green, and blue/yellow)—were measured for the type of tooth, and the corresponding color differences (DE) between the interval groups were calculated. The effect of these parameters on color was assessed with paired t-test and one-way ANNOVA (a < 0.05).

 Results: The fixed orthodontic treatment was related with alteration in color parameters. The L* values decreased (P <0.001), whereas a* and b* values increased (P <0.001) at the end of treatment. All measured types of teeth demonstrated significant color changes (DE); their mean differences ranged from 1.64 to 2.96 DE units.

Conclusions: The fixed orthodontic treatment can result in to changes natural teeth color.

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