Assessment of Water Quality of Different Hemodialysis Centers

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Hayder Shawkat Kadhim, Sattar Jabar Saadi, Jawad Ibrahim Rasheed


It is a cross-sectional study, the bacteriological and chemical quality of water used in dialysis centers of six hospitals in Baghdad, Najaf and AL-smawa in Iraq   was analyzed over a 9-month period in 2021 - 2022. All of centers received water from the municipal drinking water network and used a water purification system consisted of deionization, activated carbon filtration and reverse osmosis.

This study convers at seven hemodialysis centers in seven hospitals, three of them at Baghdad (Baghdad educational hospital, Ghazi Al-Hariri surgical hospital and Private Nursing Home hospital), two of them at Al- Najaf (Al- Sadder hospital and Al- Hakeem hospital), one at Al-Smawa city.

The chemical constitute of dialysis water of the six included centers is detailed in Generally, the mean level of all assessed parameters complied with the standard reference values except for the calcium which was consistently higher in all evaluated centers. There was a significant difference in the PH of the water samples from the examined centers. The PH of Hospital 5 and 6 was significantly lower than that of hospital 3, yet all were within the accepted range.

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