Efficacy of Achyranthesaspera as Coagulant in Domestic Wastewater Treatment

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Mageshkumar P., Sukantha T.A., Meenachi S., Pasupathi S., Asaithambi C., Shri Harish Kumar P.


The investigation made to study the treatment of wastewater by natural coagulant. The methods involved are low cost, easy to implement and ideal for rural areas. Achyranthesaspera was used to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) and chloride on waste water collected from a domestic source. These plants are the expected specialists, which furnish greatest advantages with least impacts. The review was led by some exploratory boundaries which are coagulant dose and blending time to concentrate on their ideal treatment condition for every boundary. The tests were done with Jar test equipment. Their competence in removing TDS and chloride from wastewater were observed. The removal efficiency was determined by different reaction time with various coagulant dosages at pH 6.1 to 7. There are no significant changes observed on pH variation due to natural coagulant. After the treatment of natural coagulant TDS and chloride reduced to 26.6%and 79.3% at the dosage of 2 gram in 30 minutes. Utilizing locally accessible natural coagulants are more appropriate and worthwhile. It is an eco-accommodating technique when compare with the chemical process those are normally high cost and also unfavourable to environment and create health impacts.

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