Physiological Evaluation of Lovastatin and Rosuvastatin in Rabbits

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Mohammed Abdul Azeez Ali


The present study was performed to evaluate the role ofrosuvastatin and lovastatin on lipid profile and other serum parameters of rabbits. In this study, four groups of six male rabbits each were used. The groups were allocated as: control, cholesterol, rosuvastatin, and lovastatin groups. The animals of the control group were maintained on standard diet, while other groups were maintained on cholesterol diet 50mg/kg of diet and dosed orally and daily as follow: rosuvastatin 10 mg andlovastatin 15 mg. The results revealed that rosuvastatin and lovastatin could lower lipid profile but still significantly higher than control group. The liver enzymes were elevated by these statins comparing with control group at (P≤0.05).

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