Knowledge, Attitude and Practice toward the Vaccination for COVID-19: A Private Practitioner-Based Survey in India

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Monika Padol, Prashanth Vishwakarma, Anup Gore, Shahabe Saquib Abullais, Suraj Arora, Abdul Ahad Khan


Objectives: The knowledge of health care workers regarding upcoming vaccine for COVID-19 is important for the vaccination process which is going to be conducted soon. The present study was conducted to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) among Health Care Workers about upcoming Vaccine for COVID-19.

Methods: A Cross-sectional, web-based survey, conducted among the Health Care Workers. A knowledge-attitude-practice questionnaire was developed and distributed to the health care workers from north Maharashtra. Samples of the study contain 960 health care workers who have completed at least undergraduate degree and private practitioners were also included.

Results: Health Care Workers demonstrated decent knowledge about the upcoming vaccine for COVID-19. Most of the health care worker 638/960 (66.4%) feels that whenever vaccine will be released, health care workers should be the front-line receivers. 826/960 (86%) of them have decided to continue taking precautions like PPE and sanitization even after the release of vaccine because most of them 656/960(68.3%) of them feels that precautions are necessary till vaccine shows any positive effects. 806/960 (83.9%) of them think even pandemic is over now then also there is need of vaccine for COVID-19.

Conclusions: Findings shows that Health Care Workers are doubtful about vaccine, and they have shown positive attitude regarding safety and precautions even after release of vaccine.

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