A New Image Enhancement method using Adaptive Non linear Contrast method.

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Dr.Anita Pati Mishra, Dr Rohit Kumar, Dr. Manju Gupta


Image processing technology is a popular practical approach towards computer field and has high impact research value for signal data processing methods.. This article is aimed at studying the methods   of image processing under non linear contrast method.. This paper Three methods of non-linear contrast enhancement techniques are implemented: Histogram Equalizations (HE), Adaptive Histogram Equalization (AHE) and Homomorphism Filters (HF). The homomorphism are implemented by two of filters: Low Pass Filter (LPF) and then High Pass Filter (HPF) computing processes. Among them, the pixel value structure and performance of the  computing system can choose a algorithm to achieve the final image data. Moreover, let us start with the image restoration features. This article accelerates software and hardware that function rationally. On this basis, the structure of a real-time image processing system based on ANCM method is built and the corresponding functional receiving process is designed for real-time image data, editing, and viewing. Studies have shown that the design of an image processing system based on non linear contrast technique has increased the speed of image data restoration  process by 14%. Compared with other algorithms, this image processing algorithm has great advantages in image noise detection and noise reduction with edge detection  and image restoration.

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