Microbial Diversity of Vermicompost in Different Concentrations of Paper Mill Waste with Cow Dung and Sugar Mill Press Mud Mixture of Perionyx Excavatus and Eudrilus Eugeniae

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Nithya Srinivasan, Sethu Raman


Microorganisms are a crucial component of biodiversity and are crucial to the structure and operation of the ecosystem. In the current study, an effort was made to analyse the bacterial, fungal, and actionomycete populations in vermicompost and their activities. The complete microbial population of Perionyx excavatus and  Eudrilus eugeniae  vermicompost from E1 to E5 was discovered in the current study. E4 and E5 treatments were shown to have considerably (P 0.05) greater microbial populations than E3, E2 and E1 treatments among the various treatments. In the present analysis the microbial activity of vermicompost obtained from all the treatments E1-E5 were increased significantly (P<0.05) and especially in E4 of P. excavatus(174.13±3.01) bacteria (104.08±2.06) fungai and  (37.51±2.01) actionomycete treatmentswere found to be significantly (P<0.05) higher than E3, E2 and E1 treatments. The present study also the bacterial, fungal, and actionomycete population is found to be significantly higher in the fresh vermicast obtained from treatments E1-E5.        

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