Aspirations and Preparedness of Women Centennials towards Culmination of Individual Human Capital Formation

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Ms. R. Saisudha, Dr. A. G. Vijayanarayanan


The Individual Human capital formation is very much essential for a country’s empowerment. The human capital deals with country’s investment on its citizen’s education and healthcare developing workforce leading to developed economy. This paper deals with the aspirations and preparedness of women students in culmination of Individual Human Capital formation. The study has been conducted in Chennai city with 250 student respondents. Structured Questionnaire was distributed and random sampling has been adopted. The individual qualities of the respondents, life skills acquired and Formation of Individual Human Capital has been explored. Percentage analysis, factor analysis, mean based ranking, t-Test and multiple regression analysis have been applied using SPSS 23 software. The study shows that the most important individual quality that are developed by the women students are Reflective skills and the most dominant life skill is Interpersonal skill. The reflective factor influenced bypart time work experience and strong will factor influencedbystudents availingGovernment scholarships.The individual quality factors, father’s and mother’s education play a significant role in determining the Individual Human capital formation.

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