Intensification of Pecilomyces Spherules in Patients with Echinococcosis

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Vahidova A. M., Khuzhdanova M. A., Kuziev M. S.


Pecilomycosis is a new fungal disease of humans, in the study of which scientists from Uzbekistan, Russia and European countries have made great contributions. Pecilomycosis mainly affects the lungs, the main 'gateway of infection', exposed to both exoallergens (particles of Paecilomyces fungi carried by the wind) and exotoxins (products of fungal cells in blood and tissues).         

We have established for the first time the species identity of fungi found by surgeons in echinococcosis parasitizing humans. We were also the first to introduce the concept of echinococcosis complicated by pecilomycosis. This was followed by a series of publications on echinococcosis complicated by pecilomycosis.

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