Impact of Motivation Theories on Employee Performance: A Case Study from the Major Cities of India

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Ms. Eti Mangal, Dr. Shweta Lalwani, Dr. Manish Dadhich, Dr. DS Chouhan


An important role of management is to help make work more satisfying and rewarding for employees and to make employees‟ motivation consistent with organizational objectives. The main purpose of this research is to highlight the role of motivation theories in employee performance in different companies of major cities, India. Applying modern human resource motivation strategies increases their efficiency and helps managers to more easily lead the company. In this paper, 400 respondents were surveyed who are working in different job sectors of the major cities, India to research how much they apply contemporary theories of motivation for employees in the workplace. It is a survey research whose data analysis was done quantitatively and hypothesis tested via Pearson Chi-Square. The findings show that there is significant relationship between employee motivation and employee performance. The study therefore recommends that organizations should consider employee motivation as a cardinal responsibility. The study concludes that unless employee motivation is properly executed, organizations and their managers will always suffer employees‟ negative attitude to work.

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