Treatment for Liver Cancer Patients and Self-Care to Improve Living Quality - A Case in Quang Ninh Vietnam

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Nguyen Trong Hung, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Vu Thanh Binh


The goal of our study is to suggest and analyze treatment methods for liver cancer patients in a case study at Bai Chay hospital, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

By using qualitative, synthesis, observations and A cross-sectional descriptive study using the EORTC-C30 questionnaire, our research results show that  In the group of patients with stage 2, considering each symptom separately, patients with symptoms of fatigue, pain and digestive disorders had a higher median score than other symptoms. Last but not least, the Department of Diagnostic Imaging - Bai Chay Hospital has also successfully intervened to handle many cases of patients with liver tumors and thyroid tumors using microwave techniques.  And Dongen et al (2020) mentioned Self-management of patients with advanced cancer is highly personal and multifaceted. Self-management support can benefit from an individualised approach embedded in solid partnerships with relatives and healthcare professionals.

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