Parents’ Attitude and Perception towards Primary Education: A Study in Rural West Bengal of India

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Mukhlesur Rahaman Gain, Subrata Biswas, Prasenjit Deb


The quality of primary education is not good in West Bengal. Accordingly it is not different at Nakashipara block. Here at Nakashipara along with government primary schools many private schools also came up with a short survival span. For the parents here are not economically sound and most importantly they have faith upon public schools. They clearly state that many of them have become successful whose alma mater had been public schools. At present, with the grace of Sarva Siksha Mission the school buildings are quite improved. Students are provided meals at schools through the MDM Scheme.  Largely populated with minority students, the students here receive scholarships. Parents are anxious about their children’s education. Those who cannot teach provide their children with private tuition. In spite of all these, the objective of the present study is to find out, why is the quality of education not adequate?

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