Laws Relating to Prevention of Smuggling in India: An Analysis

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Sohail Arora, Sourav Das, Ms. Sherry Pant, Mr. Sachin Bhardwaj


Under the Nation, absolute worth of captures of pirated products throughout the previous decade reveals certain radical increment. The year 2005, complete worth regarding products which have been brought in to the country through smuggling, seizing of them tend to be done according to the procedures of Customs Act and their worth was 22042 crores while during 2014 it was 569345 crores.[1] Additionally, the worth regarding captures of golden objects, unfamiliar cash and auto-electric objects under the Customs Act shows a rising pattern while investigating the authorities, measurements from 2014 to 2015 (Crime in India, 2005-2014). The pace of capture for carrying under the Customs Act has shown a rising pattern while indictment also, conviction rate was diminishing. While breaking down the measurements obviously in 2006 the quantity of captures made for smuggling was 219 while in 2015 it expanded to 396. The problem regarding smuggling has tend to be increasing with the time and it involves a chain of people working for a single mastermind who is hidden behind them, seeking an overall economic benefit. This paper talks about the whole concept of smuggling, characteristics and authorities involved regarding the process of investigation, different procedures for making the arrest under certain matter is also discussed with the aspect of certain Acts and Laws.

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