A Comparative Study of Brain Gym and Aerobic Dance on Processing Speed in Older Aged Adults

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C. Rajeswari, Dr. M. S. Sundaram, Dr. P. Senthil Selvam, Dr. A. Viswanath Reddy, Dr. S. Senathil Kumar, S. Manjula, Priya Kumari, P. Suganya


Processing Speed is a basic elemental Cognitive function that likely influences downstream process such as memory. Processing Speed decline is the normal part of ageing process and it is more common in older adults (Ralph H B Benedict etal 2017)1.

Objective: This study is to compare Brain Gym and Aerobic dance on Processing Speed inolder age group.

Outcome tool: Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) scores are taken to evaluate Processing Speed performance.

Method: Participants randomly assigned into groups. Group A (n= 50) Brain Gym and Group B (n=50) Aerobic Dance. Both groups acquired their consultation five days/week for 12 Weeks.

Result: It ShowsimprovementinProcessing Speed performance for both intervention group.% Increase in Symbol Digit Modalities Test task post test scores is greater in Aerobic Dance than Brain Gym.

Conclusion: This Study concluded that Aerobic Dance showed highest improvement than Brain Gym.

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