Child Labour in Hazardous Industries: An Analysis

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Kanishk Negi, Priyanshu Saini, Dr. Sandhya Verma


This Article is about the actual fact related to child labour in industries and position of minor in the global landscape. As we all know the world is developing and there is still a number of populations who is illiterate and living in minimal condition and lifestyle.Children's labour that is harmful, hazardous, or exploitative in any other way can start, intensify, or perpetuate a cycle of poverty, malnutrition, and social disadvantage. The violation or neglect of a variety of human rights exacerbates the conditions that lead to child work, and child labour itself raises questions of human rights violation and neglect. Individual harm has a negative impact on public health in their communities. The development of national and global responses to child labour should take place within the context of a public health model grounded in human rights, with a special focus on the rights of girls. This article outlines a rights-based public health methodology for decreasing and, when possible, eliminating harmful, dangerous, and exploitative child labour.

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