A Study on Impact of Covid 19 on Street Vendors

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Dr. Rethy B Menon, Namitha B N


The deep roots of street vending as a profession run deep in our society. The recent COVID 19 outbreak has caused the majority of street vendors' businesses to be disrupted. They are suffering from poverty and unemployment and Seeking for a better life, people migrate. These sellers, who are from the lower rungs of society, do a variety of tasks. unable to work in the formal sector due to a lack of opportunity, education, or skill, and hence ended upworking in the shadow economy in the informal sector with no job stability and a constant sense of insecurity. The goal of this research study is to focus on the effects of nationwide lockdown on street vendors and the adverseeffect on their lifestyle. The study emphasises the importance of understanding their problems and how to tackle problems, as well as their socioeconomic level, in order to improve the economy's cause. The study conducted on 100 street vendors by Survey method used structured questionnaire and interview schedule andused statistical tools like Descriptive Statistics, Independent sample T-test, one way Anova, Percentage analysisthe study revealed that there is a high adverse effect of Covid-19 on street vendors and low level of cope up strategy used and there is a high adverse effect on female street vendors compared to male street vendors during pandemic. And more awareness should be given to street vendors about Registration under NASVI.

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