Diagnosis of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens by Using the Pathogenetic Test and Molecular Assay Polymerase Chain Reaction of Gene-Specific Primers 16S Rrna

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HibaHadi Aldabbagh, Najwa Ibrahim AL-Barhawee, FatenNoori Abed Mula Abed


In this study, two bacterial isolates were identified of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Previously isolated by Hadi (2016) and based on the use of a pathogenicity test on carrot discs, it was found that both isolates can form Crown galls on these discs, and it was confirmed that these two isolates are A. tumefaciens diagnosed by polymerase chain reaction technology with using the gene16S rRNA and percentages of agreement of 95 and 96 %, respectively, with the standard isolates recorded in the GeneBank.

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