A Study of Micro-Insurance on Rural Farmers in Karnataka

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Vidya Avadhani, Harshitha R.


This project report purpose is to examine the PERFORMANCE OF MICROINSURANCE PROGRAM ONRURAL FARMERS IN KARNATAKA. In this study, Farmerschallenges in obtaining benefits from Micro Insurance plans, as well as their level of awareness and satisfaction with Micro Insurance policies among rural folks. Using questionnaire as a research instrument, 100 sets of questionnaires had been distributed through google forms. Multiple analysis was used to test to estimate awareness among farmers in a certain area based on gender, geography, and educational level, as well as to compare farmer satisfaction with microinsurance based on gender among farmers and their challenges in taking up microinsurance policies.the results reveled that Farmers have a medium level of awareness of microinsurance plans and a reasonable level of satisfaction with microinsurance, according to the findings. Farmers experienced some issues receiving microinsurance benefits.

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