The Community’s Preparation in Facing the Outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic in Lampung Province

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Sri Indra Trigunarso, Purbianto, Dwi Agustanti


Background of the problem: The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 corona virus as a pandemic in March 2020. The growth of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is included as the fastest growth. On March 26th  2020, the number of cases has reached 893 cases with a cure rate of 4% and a mortality rate of 9%. The spread of the virus happens through the liquid droplets spread by someone positive for Covid-19. Prevention of pandemic transmission that can be done by us is by staying at home, using masks when leaving the house and washing hands frequently, this is one of the public's preparations, which must be done to reduce the cases of Covid-19 pandemic. The phenomenon that happens in a community is there are still many people who ignores the protocols such as staying at home, using masks when leaving the house, of course this will make the cases of Covid 19 hardly stop the transmission of Covid-19, so preparation is very important against the Covid 19’s outbreak, with this preparation hopefully, the community will have the same concern in facing the Covid 19’s outbreak together.

Methodology: using descriptive research design with survey method. The population is all the households in Lampung Province, which amounted to 2,141.110 households, so the sample needed is 1,500 households spread over 15 districts/cities determined by cluster random sampling technique. To collect the data a modified questionnaire is used from the framework of individual and household preparation in anticipating natural disasters from LIPI-UNESCO/ISDR.

The Results: The Lampung community's preparation index in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak is mostly in the high category or very ready at 41.6%, the medium or ready category at 37.6% and the low or unprepared category at 20.8%. This high category index has not been followed by all high elements or components, there are still elements of the availability of preparation plans to deal with the Covid 19 outbreak and preparation in mobilizing resources when the COVID-19 outbreak happens. Mostly they are still in the medium and low categories.

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