Systemic Immunological Diseases with Oral & Mucocutaneous Manifestations – A Focus on Pemphigus -- an Instituitional Study

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Bhukya Vanitha, Dr. Sajid T. Hussain, Dr. Sunayana Manipal, Dr. Lavanya S., Dr. Karthik S.


Oral mucosal lesions manifest as a first sign of immune mediated disorders. Lichen planus, pemphigus & pemphigoid are the most frequent immunologically mediated mucocutaneous diseases with oral involvement. A dental surgeon is the first person to come across these lesions that have similar clinical characteristics, therefore their identification based solely on oral lesions is a challenging issue for dentists, leading to a delay in the establishment of a correct diagnosis and suitable management of the patient. Clinical information was retrieved from records and histopathologic features were reviewed from archives dated 1997 – 2018.

( n = 6300 ). Out of 6300 specimens, these immunologically mediated diseases accounted for 105 (1.66%) cases, of which 86 (1.36%) were lichen planus, 4 (0.06%) were pemphigus and 15 (0.23%) were pemphigoid.

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